Dr.Parro's English

English Language for Young Learners

More Effective and Funnier

Home-Based Learning Programme for 3 to 12 Years Old

Awards Winning Programme

Silver Medal Award (2012), Gold Medal Award (2013), The Best Award (2013) – Malaysia

Silver Medal Award (2013) – England

Silver Award – New Product (2012) – Nuremberg, Germany

Pertama – Anugerah Kecemerlangan Produk dan Inovasi (2014) – Universiti Utara Malaysia

What is Dr. Parro's English?

Immersion Programme

Dr. Parro's English - Immersion programme is designed to create an environment that stimulate and motivate a child to learn proper English

Immersion Tools Used:

Animated Stories

Animated Stories





Nursery Rhymes

Nursery Rhymes





Benefits of Dr. Parro's English

The following language skills are developed through:

Listening Skill
Speaking Skill
Reading Skill
Writing Skill

Other areas included:


Components of Programme


Animated Stories
Songs & Music
Colourful Graphics
Gamification Approach

See Dr. Parro's Multimedia Sample:

Series of 14 Books


Ease Your Children to Learn English In Fun Ways

Frequently Ask Questions

Dr.Parro’s English -An Immersion programme that is designed to create an environment that stimulate and motivate a child to learn proper English. It teaches children the English language through songs, stories, games and activities

Dr.Parro’s English has more than 200 exercises in a games form, teaching 750 words and more than 200 sentence patterns.

Yes. Dr.Parro’s English is suitable for young children from various ages between 3 to 12 years.

There are 14 modules that consist of 112 themed lessons. Each lesson has multiple activities that keep your child entertained as they learn.

The learning activities cover a range of skills including critical thinking, listening, speaking, reading, singing and spelling.

It’s designed for windows-based computer (64-bit), smartphones and tablets running on Android (minimum version 7.0, CPU 2.0 GHz)

No. It works offline. Internet connection is only required during the activation of the programme.

This programme offers lifetime usage with only one off payment of RM396.00.

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